CNC Fixed Gantry Frame-Type Machining Center

CNC Fixed Gantry Frame-Type Machining Center

GY Series Gantry Machining Heart (Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.) 
CZPT Summary:

    GY  series gantry machining middle adopts the closed gantry body strucutre consisiting to bed ,column and beam, with characteristics of high rigidity and substantial steadiness.The device tool can end the processing of milling ,boring ,drilling,tapping and sinking.It is mainly created for the processing 
of auto sheet steel mildew, plastic mould ,precision machinery parts and aerospace and shipbuilding.Outfitted with the accessory milling head, it can understand the 5-encounter processing at one particular time of clamping ,serving many functions.It can successfully increase the processing precision and 
processing performance.
Framework and Functionality:

one.The built-in casting of column and beam can decrease the binding website to provide more guarantee for the stability of YZ axes.(Appropriate for series kind with the portal width of one.2and one.8m).
two.Use the laptop-aided engineering (CAE) technique to complete the optimized composition design and style and boost the reliabilit of device instrument ,and the finite element approach (FEM) to take the scientific investigation and optimization of layout composition,which can assure the rigidity and stability of the whole machine composition.
3.X-axis with portal width more than 2.8m adopts the design and style of 4-linear information.It can give far more balanced supporting factors for the table and hence assure that the table can preserve its shape throughout the nominal loading.
4.The built-in casting of device resource base with the journey of 6m and less can minimize the binding confront to promise the rigidity and precision security.
5.The surface area of hand guide is handled by the large frequency quenching and the hardness can attain HRC forty five,with the larger slicing propety.

six.Apply two-instances growing older treatment method for the forged to ensure the total launch of internal stress and the precision persistence of the device tool.
seven.The casting of the equipment resource is created of substantial toughness inoculated forged iron and high high quality resin bonded sand,which is handled by a number of ageing techniques to ensure the rigidity abd stability of the device tool.X-axis adopts the imported large-precision linear rolling information to meet the large-precision and higher-efficiency processing.
8.The addition of supporting system on the screw with the vacation in excess of 4m can properly avoid the slipping caused by the deadweight thanks to the overlength of screw and as a result prolong its service existence and reliabolity of precision in the course of the processing.
nine.The transmission mechanism with the huge loading adopts the precision world equipment box characterized by the huge transmission torque,higher efficiency and precision.All servo axes are driven by spring coupling with good rigidity and accurate journey.
10.It can be geared up with the slope beam style to properly resolve the solid gravity and perform-piece slicing force.

11.The heavy-obligation linear manual is characterized by the rapidly pace ,high precision and robust bearing capacity.
twelve.The CZPT gear-type spindle with the portal width of two.8m and over can comprehend the substantial-torque weighty reducing.
13.The precision assembly of spindle in the continual temperature,dust-cost-free and shut surroundings can ensure the assembly precision.
fourteen.3-axis bearing seat is scraped specifically with out the gasket style to ensure the smoothness of 3-axis transmission.
15.The foot treadle (optional)and relocating foot-operated switch (optional)are handy for consumers to get up and down the machine tool to alter the tool.

16.The huge kind adopts the hanging-kind operation box that can be rotatable to the table surface and hassle-free for users’ operation.
17.CZPT balancing program can ensure the sleek procedure of Z-axis.
eighteen.It leaves the mounting surface area of device journal to include the instrument journal swiftly later on.

CZPT Parameters

Requirements Units GY-2212L/GY-3212L GY-2518L/GY-3018L/GY-3518L/
GY-3571L/GY-4571L/GY-5571L GY-3228L/GY-4228L/GY-5228L/GY-6228L GY-5232L/GY-6232L/GY-8232L
Table  Table dimension mm 2200/3200*1100 2500/3000/3500/4000/4500*1600 3000/4000/5000*2000 3200/4200/5200/6200*2500 5200/6200/8200*2800
Interval of two columns mm 1200 1800 2400 2800 3200
Max.load kg 4000/5000 7000/8000/9000/ten thousand/11000 8000/10000/12000 14000/16000/18000/20000 18000/20000/24000
mm 22*a hundred and fifty*7 22*a hundred and eighty*9 28*two hundred*nine 28*220*11 28*two hundred*thirteen
Journey X-axis travel mm 220/3200 2500/3000/3500/4000/4500 3000/4000/5000 3200/4200/5200/6200 5200/6200/8200
Y-axis travel mm 1200 1800 2400 2800 3200
Z-axis travel mm 750 850 a thousand a thousand 1000
Spindle Distance from X-axis 
end surface to table 
mm two hundred-950 200-1050 250-1250 350-1350 350-1350
Spindle type    BT50 BT50 BT50 BT50 BT50
Rivet type    BT50-45° BT50-45° BT50-45° BT50-45° BT50-45°
Spindle speed rpm 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000
Main motor power kw (9/11)/(15/eighteen.5) 11/eighteen.five 13/22 22/26 22/26
Max.output torque Nm (eighty five.9/a hundred and forty)/(95.four/117) 262/441 310/524 560/640 560/640
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. type X/Y/Z   Linear rail Linear rail Linear rail Linear rail Linear rail
Rapid traverse speed X m/min sixteen 2518/3018/3518:16 4018/4518:12 twelve twelve twelve
Rapid traverse speed Y m/min 16 16 12 12 twelve
Rapid traverse speed Z m/min 12 twelve 10 ten ten
Cutting and feeding speed mm/min one-8000 1-8000 1-8000 one-8000 one-8000
Tool magazine capacity T 24/32/forty 24/32/40 24/32/forty 24/32/forty 24/32/forty
Tool holder type    BT50 BT50 BT50 BT50 BT50
Max.length of tool mm 300 three hundred 300 300 300
Max.diameter of tool
(Full tool/Isolated tool)
mm Φ125/Φ200 Φ125/Φ200 Φ125/Φ200 Φ125/Φ200 Φ125/Φ200
Tool exchange time  sec. 3.5/five.five three.five/five.five three.five/5.five 3.five/5.5 three.5/5.5
Location precision X
(Semi-closed loop)
mm .018/.571 .019/.02/.571/.571/.571 .571/.571/.03 .571/.571/.03/.033 .037/.042/.052
Location precition Y
(Semi-closed loop)
mm .015 .017 .02 .571 .571
Location precition Z
(Semi-closed loop)
mm .012 .012 .016 .016 .571
Repeat location precision X
(Semi-closed loop)
mm .01/.014 .011/.011/.014/.014/.016 .011/.014/.016 .011/.014/.016/.018 .016/.018/.571
Repeat location precision Y
(Semi-closed loop)
mm .009 .009 .011 .013 .015
Repeat location precision Z
(Semi-closed loop)
mm .006 .007 .009 .009 .009
Other folks Power capacity Kva 30/fifty fifty fifty/sixty/sixty 50/50/sixty/60 sixty/60/70
Pressure of air supply kgf/cm2 six.five six.five six.5 6.five 6.5
Overall dimension
mm*mm 6500/8500*3500 7700/8700/9700/10700/11700*4500 9000/11000/13000*5500 9500/11500/13500/15500*6000 13600/15600/19600*7000
CZPT height mm 3900 4800 5500 5500 7000
Net weight of tool 
kg 22000/26000 28000/30500/33000/35500/38000 46000/52000/58000 52000/58500/65000/71500 75000/82000/96000

Notice:Optional: Y/Z axis  guide variety is tough rail.

Common configuration:
FANUC CNC technique
Belt-kind spindle velocity is 6000rpm(1.two/one.8/2.four sequence)
Gear-type spindle speed is 6000rpm(two.eight/three.2 series)
Car. chip elimination (each sides screw and chain-type)
CZPTtric cabinet air conditioning
Centralized computerized lubrication system
Air filtration purification gadget
Spindle oil cooler
CZPT device
Air gun
Blowing artifacts
CZPT program
CZPT defense protect
Air curtain defense
Lighting technique
Three colour light-weight alarm
Conversation interface
Handheld electronic hand wheel
Equipment and tool box 
Horizontal adjustment bolts and shim
CZPT files

Optional configuration:
Gear-kind spindle  speed is 6000rpm(one.eight/two.4 series)
Spindle decelerrator(one.2/1.8/two.4 collection)
Disc-sort instrument magazine 
Chain-kind instrument magazine 
CNC rotary table 
Earth gearbox
Linear scale
Spindle oil cooler(1.two/one.eight/two.four series)
Primary shaft ring spray
Spindle central h2o discharge
H2o gun
Handbook 90° milling head 
Extended milling head 
Semi-car. milling head
Z-axis journey is 1250mm(2.8/three.2 sequence)
Column heightening is 300mm

CNC Fixed Gantry Frame-Type Machining Center