Electric Cable Sheath Extrusion Machine, Power Cable Insulation and Sheathing%

Electric Cable Sheath Extrusion Machine, Power Cable Insulation and Sheathing%

CZPTtric Cable Sheath Extrusion CZPT, Energy Cable Insulation And Sheathing%

The device cozy gentle PVC, this kind of as poly(PVC by sizzling push approach to be extruded insulation wire core)

two.CZPT parameter

Kind & Dimension CZPT Dia. (mm) L/D ratio CZPT pace (rpm) Major motor (kw) Barrel heating energy (kw) Temp. contr. zones (body/cross head) Max. output potential (PVC) (kg/h)
SJ30X25 20 twenty five:one 5-a hundred and fifty eleven 3.six three/two twenty
SJ45X25 45 twenty five:one ten-120 fifteen nine 3/2 fifty
SJ65X25 sixty five 25:one 10-one hundred thirty sixteen four/4 120
SJ90X25 90 25:one ten-a hundred 90 30 4/four 280
SJ120X25 one hundred twenty twenty five:one 7-68 132 54 6/4 580
SJ150X25 150 twenty five:1 6-60 185 88 6/four 880
SJ200X25 200 25:1 four-40 250 one hundred forty seven/four 1100

three.Connected machine

TQD series pneumatic belt caterpillar

A.CZPT Application:

Largely utilised for a variety of cable manufacturing traces for solitary equipment or front and rear double traction.


one. The whole body is manufactured of large-top quality steel plate soon after bending and splicing, and the appearance is novel.
2. The gear adopts the motor-transmission gearbox, a reduction gearbox, and a tough push structure of the upper and lower helical gears, a crawler wheel, steady transmission, large carrying potential and practical servicing.
three. The whole series has much more than 10 specifications of 200kg-15000kg, and there are two varieties of velocity regulation buildings of Z4 DC motor or variable-frequency motor for users to choose.
4. With electronic meter, it can exhibit the line pace and meter length in time.
5. It is outfitted with a ground shaft transmission construction for users to use in cable, armor, copper tape shielding and winding production lines.
6. The rigidity tractor adopts magnetic powder stress manage, which is utilised for the traction of the insulation and sheath extrusion manufacturing line. The tension is instantaneously adjustable, avoiding the abrasion of the cable in the sink after the extrusion, and efficiently fixing the synchronization issue. And the result of uneven pressure on the wire diameter.
seven. The small tractor has an all round shifting or higher body moving structure, which is hassle-free for customers to use in unique processes and successfully improve the repeated services daily life of the observe.

Principal specification of TQD sequence pneumatic belt caterpillar

Model Type two hundred Variety three hundred Sort five hundred Kind 800 Type 1250 Type 1600 Type 2000
Cable through the outer diameter(mm) 2~twenty 5~25 five~forty eight~60 ten~eighty 15~a hundred twenty~120
Max. traction power(kg) 200 three hundred 500 800 1250 1600 2000
Pace(m/min) a hundred and fifty 150 a hundred a hundred 80 80 60
Keep track of speak to length(mm) 520 620 750 1200 1500 1900 2100
Track width(mm) 70 70 eighty one hundred 120 120 135
Quantity of cylinder(pair) three 3 three 5 5 6 seven
Motor energy(kw) three four five.five 7.5 7.five 11 eleven
Motor velocity(rpm) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Center height(mm) 1000 a thousand one thousand a thousand 1000 a thousand a thousand
Total dimension (LxWxH) 1450x720x1500 1500x720x1500 1800x1000x1600 2500x1150x1650 2750x1150x1700 3100x1150x1700 3450x1200x1750

Model Type 2500 Kind 3200 Variety 4000 Type 5000 Sort 6000 Variety 10000 Variety 15000
Cable via the outer diameter(mm) 20~130 twenty five~a hundred and fifty thirty~180 fifty~two hundred sixty~two hundred eighty~three hundred eighty~300
Max. traction pressure(kg) 2500 3200 4000 5000 6000 10000 15000
Velocity(m/min) 60 45 forty 30 twenty five twenty five 20
Track get in touch with size(mm) 2400 2700 2900 3250 3600 4800 5000
Keep track of width(mm) one hundred forty 145 a hundred sixty five one hundred sixty five one hundred seventy 240 180x2articale/90x2articale
Quantity of cylinder(pair) eight 9 nine ten 11 fourteen fourteen+14
Motor energy(kw) 15 fifteen 18.five 22 30 37 55
Motor pace(rpm) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Middle height(mm) 1000 a thousand one thousand a thousand a thousand one thousand a thousand
Total dimension (LxWxH) 3800x1200x1750 4500x1280x1820 4600x1300x1900 5000x1350x1950 5350x1400x1950 7400x1630x2100 7500x2800x2200

Spend-off & get-up
A.CZPT Application:
Mostly used for winding different sign cables and optical cables.

B.Structure Qualities:

1.The system is manufactured of higher-quality rectangular metal pipe and metal plate. The beam adopts two massive I-beam interconnection buildings, which are stunning in appearance, great in metal and high in energy.
2.Adopts the way of strolling beam, the complete cable tray for wiring,implementation of shell out-off and take-off.
three.The cable adopts the AC variable frequency motor to modify the velocity line, with high precision and uniform cable.
4.PLC programmable controller can be controlled with different sorts of hosts.
5.Just take-up main motor
Line the primary motor adopts DC motor,controller for CZPTean sequence merchandise.
Line the major motor adopts frequency conversion motor,controller for Siemens or CZPT merchandise.

We are specialised in company extrusion items. It has specialist and independent investigation and development centre, goods are widely employed in optical fiber cable, wire and cable market, cable rope market, and many others.

five.CZPTful situation

6. To give you an exact quotation, you should kindly advise us the adhering to information:
 1. How numerous kgs/meters to extrusion for every hour?
 2. Reel/Flange Diameter, we require to quotation proper get-up and pay out off machine
 3..Could you you should ship us your cable structure like underneath image?
 4.Extrusion substance, I indicate cable sheath materials? Cable sheath thickness
 5.Cable size 
 6.Cable pulling speed

Electric Cable Sheath Extrusion Machine, Power Cable Insulation and Sheathing%