Heavy Duty Static Compaction Refuse Compactor for Garbage Disposal

Heavy Duty Static Compaction Refuse Compactor for Garbage Disposal


one. The potent SHANGCHAI  turbocharged drinking water-cooled diesel engine, developed by the caterpillar 3306 diesel engine license of Shangchai, which has sturdy energy, super higher trustworthiness, super long support life, low use expense, great extensive economic system, sturdy plateau adaptability and meets the CZPTean II emission CZPT.

two. The type of transmission hydraulic torque converter + electrical power shift gearbox can completely adapt to the adverse situations of the instantaneous alter of the dump. The travel axle is outfitted with a nospin differential lock imported from the CZPT States. Even if a compaction wheel slips or hangs in the air, the compaction wheel even now maintains a robust driving pressure.

three. Steering and lifting technique: the load sensing plunger pump, proportional valve and management take care of, movement amplifier, steering gear, steering cylinder and lifting cylinder of the garbage compactor of Sauer-CZPT are specifically developed for the open up cycle hydraulic system. When the steering and bulldozer are functioning, the priority is to change. When the steering and blade are not working, the auxiliary pump swashplate instantly returns to the middle, and the technique is successful and power-conserving.

four. The double door cab with spacious, vivid comfort and good eyesight is completely closed, audio-absorbing and seem-evidence the shock absorption of the cab is to established shock absorbers in between the rear frame and the anti overturning body, and established chilly and warm air conditioners to give secure and comfy running setting in cold, sizzling, rainy and snowy weather place human overall health initial, and the air entering the taxi is three.8m absent from the floor CZPT and purify the new air gadget to hold the driver absent from the peculiar scent of the dump the substantial-good quality radio system can minimize the driver’s tiredness the higher-good quality seat can understand the adjustment of backrest angle, seat cushion up and down, entrance and again displacement, and modify the hardness of the seat cushion in accordance to the weight of the driver, so that the driver can appreciate the most in the lengthy working time Relaxed.

5. The procedure handle and electrical 24 volt electrical technique, all monitoring instruments are put in the best field of vision in entrance of the driver, and the variety switches are Schneider electrical organization of France, so the electrical control components are more dependable the optima battery in Sweden is servicing free and maintenance free, with a services life of four-8 a long time, which is extremely suited for the poor surroundings of the squander dump, even under the surroundings of – 40 ˚ C, the starting up time is only .six CZPTs foot throttle control, electric powered off. The shift, velocity modify and bulldozer carry handle are all electro-hydraulic joint handle and 1 lever handle the drug spraying gadget and imported electric pump can spray the drug on the front compaction wheel by the manage switch of the taxi in accordance to the bordering environment every fifteen minutes for five-8 CZPTs to avoid mosquito bites.

six. Make sure the built-in roll in excess of safety body (ROPS) of the rear frame of the compactor established 4 caliper disc brakes on the front and rear generate axles respectively, realize the services brake by means of the foot brake, and set the parking brake at the output conclude of the gearbox set 10 work lights, so that the visible range of the compactor in the night operate subject is broader the lights on both sides of the roll above safety frame are managed by switches to make sure the driver’s security Return to the ground and flip off the major electricity provide of the car in the battery box. This device is geared up with a display display digital checking rear view technique.

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Technical specs

Running mass 28000kg
Entrance axle load 14000kg
Rear axle load 14000kg
Duration 8150mm
Width (dozer blade) 3800mm
Width (at front wheel) 3430mm
Width (at rear wheel) 3200mm
Peak 3960mm
Compacting width 3430mm
Dozer blade achieve 2670mm
Wheel foundation 3500mm
Floor clearance 490mm
Wheel width (front / rear) 1195/970mm
Wheel diameter (entrance/rear, which includes tooth) 1620/1620mm
Wheel diameter (front/rear, with out teeth) 1220/1220mm
Teeth No. per wheel (entrance / rear) 50/forty
Model of engine Shangchai
Variety of motor SC9DK
Rated power 192kw
Rated velocity 2200rpm
CZPTtric system 24V
CZPT technique four x 4
Travelling speed I (front / rear) four.forty one/4.41km/h
Travelling speed II (front / rear)   seven.1/seven.1km/h
Travelling pace III (entrance / rear)    eleven.5km/7.1km/h
Max. gradient ability 100%
Dozer Blade
Peak 1880mm
Width 3800mm
CZPT top 1200mm
Depth 200mm
Brake Program  
Support brake Air – more than – oil, actuate 4 wheels
Parking / unexpected emergency brake CZPT, brake shoe actuator
Steering Technique
Kind CZPT,middle articulated,moveable
Steering angle ±40°
Transverse swing angle ±15°
Min. steering radius at the front wheel 7200mm
Oil tank 500L
CZPT oil tank 236L

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Heavy Duty Static Compaction Refuse Compactor for Garbage Disposal